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Tennis Lessons

Welcome to the 2016 Fairbrae Tennis Lesson Program. We offer an excellent summer program for youth starting at age 5, with all classes taught by Winston Lowe, a USTA certified pro and Ashwin Soin. Sign up for tennis lessons using this form:  Tennis Lesson Registration Form

Tennis News

2017 Labor Day Mixed Tournament

Dear Tennis Fans,

Thank you for participating in the MXD tennis tournament.  There were no complaints. So, I  assumed everyone had a grand time.

The Championship team:  Elizabeth Gupta and Javier Luguna

Runner up:  Kathy Carter and Alex Demyankov (her USTA mxd partner)

Consolation Winning Team:  Reid and Todd Myers

Hope to have more participating teams next year.



2017 Spring A Board Doubles Tournament

Congratulations to all the players in the 2017 Spring A Board Doubles Tournament this June!

The winning team in the 3.0 and lower group is Dee Hammer and her friend Michelle. The second place is Elizabeth Gupta and Amber Johnsen. These four ladies were the first to play on these brand court.  See photo 1.

Photo 2 shows Dee, Michelle, Julie and Rommy who also help to initiate the new courts.

 The championship team in the open group i.e. Ken Hammer and his friend, Rich.  They had a very hard fought match with Reid and Ying.  The tennis was very exciting to watch. Please see photo 3 for the top winning teams.

Hope to see you on the courts.

SpringABoard 3 webSpringABoard 1 webSpringABoard 2 web

Courts Are Reserved For Classes In June, July and August

As a reminder to all tennis players, the courts will be scheduled for classes from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm every Tuesday and Thursday from June 22 through August 14.

Please help take care of our new courts by keeping drinks and food off the court (water excepted).

Tennis Playing Hours

Daily 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Courts can be reserved on the sign-up sheet at the tennis courts or online at *

Courts open to all members during any unreserved time.

*Reservations may be made at 6:00PM, three days in advance. Maximum reserve time is 90 minutes. Reservation is lost after 10 minutes of the start time. Please remove your name from the sign-up sheet if you cannot play.