Dear Fairbrae Membership,

Part of the Fairbrae Board’s responsibility is to annually review the financial reserve study, which provides insights to the financial health of the club. At times these reviews result in a dues increase to ensure the financial stability of our club, continuing the services offered and the maintenance of the facilities.

After careful consideration the Board has approved our scheduled dues increase, effective January 2019 of $15 per month. This is in line with previous cycles of increases and results in the monthly dues being $115 per month. Historically, dues have been raised every 3-4 years, and it has been four years since our last dues increase.

This increase supports the club’s ability to manage through increasing costs in operations & utility bills, an upcoming increase to minimum wage, and most importantly the continued maintenance of our aging infrastructure.

Working with the Board, Alex has done a great job over the past summer addressing items and is developing his plan for 2019.

Some of the items addressed in 2018 include: resurfacing of both the tennis courts & pool deck, repairs to the clubhouse walls and roof, implementation of proper chemical storage and delivery, repairs on tennis court lighting, and nearly complete overhaul of wading pool equipment as well as a replacement pump motor for the lap pool.

The upcoming annual plan for 2019 already includes: addressing safety issues with the Crow’s Nest, repair/replacement of main electrical panels in the pump room, as well upgrades to our chemical room, and increased lighting throughout the club.

In the first quarter of 2019 we will be soliciting feedback from the membership through a survey to gauge interest in the prioritization of the club’s operations and investments. The collected information will be discussed at the Annual Members Meeting in March. Please make sure to check the newsletter for survey details and meeting time, and mark your calendars because we want to hear from you!

The below details offer more specifics you should be aware of.

2019 Annual Dues – $1,380

There are two options for payment for 2019:

  • Annual Prepayment :Fairbrae offers a 6% discount on annual prepayment. Make one easy payment and save $82.80. Members wishing to take advantage of this discount should submit a check totaling $1,297.20 into the office by January 31st at 11:59 PM. Members submitting a check after this deadline will be charged the full annual rate of $1,380.
  • Monthly Payment :Members wishing to pay monthly will pay $115 via check turned into the office by the 20th of the corresponding month. Accounts failing to pay by the 20th will be assessed a $10 late charge.

Everybody loves a discount. So pay once and save big, $82.80. The prepayment discount reduces the annual increase to less than $100!

Thank you all for your continued support of Fairbrae! Please direct questions to Alex in the front office, as he will be able to answer most of your questions.

Best Regards and Happy Holidays,

Fairbrae Board of Directors