Opening of Pool Announcement

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June 4, 2020

At last the pool is set to reopen! It will officially reopen tomorrow, June 5. There will be limitations as the county health department is still requiring social distancing. Consequently, we cannot open up for open free swim. Instead, we are opening up with a swim lane reservation system. The pool will be divided into 5 usable lanes. Lanes 1+2 (closest to the clubhouse) will be a double wide lane for family swim. Lanes 3, 4, 5, and 6 will be for lap swimmers. Reservations are made online at the Fairbrae Swim Lane Reservation System. This will be very similar to the tennis court reservation system.

We have 13 pool rules around this new system, which are included below and will be on our website. A lot of time and effort went into these new rules and guidelines to make them easy to understand yet allow us to reopen the pool. Please do your very best to cooperate so we can continue to keep the pool open. We’ve also created an FAQ with details on the hows and the whys. Feedback and comments on swim (or anything else) are always welcome at Happy swimming everyone!

FAIRBRAE LAP POOL RULES (Effective June 5, 2020)

  1. Please use the online reservation system before arriving at the pool. Reservations are made at 
  2. Four lap swim lanes will be available as well as one double-wide family lane.
    1. Lap swim lanes are limited to one swimmer per lane.
    2. The family lane is limited to 6 swimmers. 
    3. Families should utilize the double wide family lane only.
    4. Note that we are limited to 10 swimmers in the pool at any one time.
  3. Please swim at your reserved time and exit the pool at :50 past the hour to allow the next swimmer to come in.
  4. No gathering or socializing on the pool deck.
  5. Direct supervision of children is required and permissible from the deck.
  6. No pool furniture will be allowed to be used.
  7. The deck loungers will be made available for placing personal belongings and will be sanitized by staff between time slots.
  8. Members are not allowed to bring guests.
  9. The thermal covers will remain off the pool to minimize touching of equipment by membership and staff.
  10. The diving board will remain closed during this phase. 
  11. Locker rooms will be unavailable during this time, except for use as a restroom.
  12. Please no “no shows”.  We want to keep the pool available for as many swimmers as possible.  Please cancel your reservation ahead of time if you cannot make your reserved time slot. 
  13. Limit of one session per day per swimmer.  


-Board of Directors