Fairbrae has 2 recently re-surfaced, lighted tennis courts for our tennis enthusiasts. In addition we also offer a table tennis area in the clubhouse and outside next to the oak tree. We offer instruction on both sports from our Fairbrae-certified coaches. Read the Instructor Bios and contact them for your tennis or ping pong lessons.

Tennis courts are now open with a few restrictions. For the safety of all members, please review the Fairbrae Tennis Safety for Players before visiting the club to familiarize yourself with the rules and to ensure you’re able to access the reservation system. We ask while you’re on site please follow the guidance on all posted signage and limit your stay to within your reserved time so that we can remain open for tennis activity. 

Daily 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Courts can be reserved via our Fairbrae Tennis Court Reservation System.

Courts open to all members during any unreserved time.

  • Reservations may be made at 6:00PM, three days in advance.
  • Maximum reserve time is 90 minutes.
  • Reservation is lost after 10 minutes of the start time (no-show).
  • Please remove your name from the reservation system if you cannot play.
  • Please help take care of our new courts by keeping drinks and food off the court (water excepted).
  • Tennis rules

2019 Labor Day Tennis Tournament

See the results of our latest tennis tournament here: 2019 Labor Day Tennis Tournament

2018 Spring Aboard Doubles Tennis Tournament

The winning teams of the Spring Aboard Doubles tournament are:  1. 1st place Champions:     Elizabeth Gupta and Amber Johnsen

  2. 2nd place Runner up:     Annemarie Venken and Julie Tippett

2017 Labor Day Mixed Tournament

Dear Tennis Fans,

Thank you for participating in the MXD tennis tournament.  There were no complaints. So, I  assumed everyone had a grand time.

The Championship team:  Elizabeth Gupta and Javier Luguna

Runner up:  Kathy Carter and Alex Demyankov (her USTA mxd partner)

Consolation Winning Team:  Reid and Todd Myers

Hope to have more participating teams next year.



2017 Spring A Board Doubles Tournament

Congratulations to all the players in the 2017 Spring A Board Doubles Tournament this June!

The winning team in the 3.0 and lower group is Dee Hammer and her friend Michelle. The second place is Elizabeth Gupta and Amber Johnsen. These four ladies were the first to play on these brand court.  See photo 1.

Photo 2 shows Dee, Michelle, Julie and Rommy who also help to initiate the new courts. The championship team in the open group i.e. Ken Hammer and his friend, Rich.  They had a very hard fought match with Reid and Ying.  The tennis was very exciting to watch. Please see photo 3 for the top winning teams. 

Hope to see you on the courts. Sincerely,Winston 

SpringABoard 3 web
SpringABoard 1 web
SpringABoard 2 web

Table tennis / Ping Pong lessons are available through Winston Lowe. He can be reached at winston_lowe@hotmail.com.

Coach Lynn (Tennis)

Lynn started teaching at Fairbrae in November 2018. Prior to joining Fairbrae, Lynn assisted with kids tennis camps at Seattle Tennis Club and Pro Club in Seattle, WA. Lynn was also assistant coach for two co-ed private high school tennis teams, Holy Names and O’Dea; where Holy Names won State Championship for the first time in school history. Her goal is to get everyone to the next level (USTA or otherwise). The key to success is simply to show up and never give up.

Lynn loves to live life outside and enjoys her free time playing all racquet sports, golf, ski, and more recently, pickleball. She can be reached at coollien@yahoo.com or at coollien.com.

Coach Ashvin (Tennis)

Ashvin is a USPTA certified professional coach who stresses on the fundamental details that will ensure success. This encompasses detailed stroke techniques, mental game strategies, breathing routines to handle pressure situations, and functional movement on the court.

After graduating Saratoga High School, Ashvin started his tennis coaching career. He developed a passion in learning the art of coaching. He credits many of his techniques from his lifetime mentor and Master Pro tennis coach Bill Cole, who is the founder and president of the International Mental Game Coaching Association. Ashvin is a certified member of the IMGCA. Contact Ashvin at bpttennis@gmail.com .

Coach Slavy (Tennis)

Slavy has experience playing professional tournaments at home and abroad. As coach, he has led multiple junior teams victoriously to the State Championship Title of Gar Gleny. Slavy has worked individually and with groups of all ages and levels through his 17 year career as a tennis coach. Most of his teaching has been at the prestigious Courtside Club in Los Gatos, CA. Slavy can be reached at slav.elenkov@gmail.com .

Coach Winston (Ping Pong)

Winston needs no introduction here as he has taught tennis for many years here at Fairbrae Swim and Racquet Club. He has now traded the tennis coaching in for ping pong coaching. If you are interested in ping pong lessons, please contact Winston at winston_lowe@hotmail.com.

Coach Yvonne (Tennis)

Tennis has always been a big part of Yvonne’s life. She played high school tennis in San Diego and went on to play NCAA Division II tennis for the US Air Force Academy for 2 years. After graduating from University of San Diego and moving to Sunnyvale, Yvonne continues to play on USTA teams here locally. She is a member of the Fairbrae Swim and Racquet Club and has been teaching kids tennis there since 2012.  She also enjoys golf and also tries to keep up with her 2 boys and husband when skiing.  Contact her at yvonne@wongwideweb.org.