Swim Reservation System Update

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Hello Everyone,

We know that so many of you are glad to be back in the pool! In the interest of keeping everyone informed we’re updating you on a few changes to the Swim Rules and reservation system starting Monday.

We’ve heard your feedback around the issues of the family reservation system: too hard to get a reservation system seems to reward “fast clickers” on the hour, some families seem to be able to get a reservation every day – it’s unfair.

The Board has been working overtime this week to create pool reservation system 2.0 to address these issues. With a goal of quickly addressing the problems some of you shared, the below changes will be in place as of Monday, June 15, 2020.

Below are a few of the changes to be aware of. The official rules and details of the new system are included in a separate document and posted on the website. Please read it over carefully – it’s a little more complex but should address the most frequent issues we’ve heard.

Some items to point out:

  • Family swim and lap swim are now two separate reservation systems
  • With the intent of all families being able to reserve one swim session before others reserve two, all families will be able to book at least one family reservation each Monday for the entire week before another family gets to book another session on Tuesday
  • We’ve doubled the capacity of the family lanes by returning the double wide lane into two lanes
  • Only 2 reservations, per week, in the family lane per family can be made
  • All lanes will be open until 10 pm instead of 8 pm (starting Monday, June 22, 2020)

There are important updates to the lap swim system too. Rather than watch the clock hour by hour, we’ve changed the system so the whole day becomes available at once, several days ahead.

Please take the time to understand the new system. Please also be patient – we’re going to do our best to “cut over on the fly”, meaning that we don’t want to shut down the pool or cancel anyone’s reservation while we cut over to the new system. We’ve tried to avoid any impact to reservations however for the first few days after “cut over” you may experience some irregularities such as the double wide lane being reserved but changed to a single lane.

To ensure revisions are made in the best interest of all our members, we encourage your ongoing feedback – in fact, the BoD has responded to everyone’s feedback and comments promptly. We’ll continue to do this, but please wait a few days for the new system to settle in. It’s likely that if there’s a glitch in the new system, we’re seeing it too and working to fix it. If you’re still having issues by Thursday, please drop us a note at bod@fairbrae.com. Nice comments are welcome too!